aboutOur goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer and client, whether an individual healthcare practitioner, a hospital or healthsystem, or a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.

TRINU Healthcare (pronounced “try new”) is a continuing education and staff development consulting and outsourcing firm dedicated to helping healthcare create efficiencies and augment their operations through education, training, and communication. From an administrative, clinical, or operational perspective, TRINU can help.

Since being established in 1994 by a clinical pharmacist, TRINU has assisted member service organizations, healthcare provider organizations, health management organizations, and pharmaceutical industry organizations in meeting needs which have been diverse and varied.

Among other things, TRINU provides innovative and practice driven educational programs for the pharmacy profession TRINU coordinates and designs education development programming and continuing education programs to ultimately assist in the overall goal of improving patient care and outcome. The services TRINU provides are flexible, dynamic, and are designed to be cost efficient and beneficial to it’s customers.

TRINU is accredited by the American Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education, and as such, adheres to the high standards of ACPE’s Quality Criterion.

In our current economy and a focus on health reform, many organizations are faced with the challenges of “doing more with less” and often do not have the internal resources to provide all of the programs and services they need or desire to remain competitive in the marketplace. TRINU was established to assist these organizations, and provide creative solutions that allow enhanced performance while utilizing the internal resources an organization has. Clinical training and professional development models can afford an organization a significant impact on the bottom line while upgrading the level of care a patient receives.

We strive to provide our clients the most sensible, cost effective solution to meet and exceed the defined needs of their organization.